Our live bait

Portage Lakes Bait and Tackle carries a complete selection of proven live baits.  Take a look at the list below, then stop in to pick up the best baits for your fishing trip.

-Nightcrawlers worms

These worms are the old reliable for live bait fishing.  They work great for everything from Bluegill to Bass.  Buy by the dozen or flat.

-Shiners worms

Our shiners are always fresh and ready for that giant strike.  We keep then in a circulated and airated system for optimum longevity.

-Leeches worms

Leeches are a natural food for the fish of Portage Lakes, and they make a great choice for targeting that lunker bass.  We'll show you how to use them.

-Wax Worms worms

If you are looking for that perfect Bluegill or Crappie bait... you found it!  These little worms are irresistable, and you're sure to have a good day using them.

-Crappie Minnows worms

Our lakes are full of Crappie Minnows, so naturally our bass and full grown Crappies love eating them.  Pick up a few and see just how productive these can be.

can't miss

If you're hungry...

We now serve a wide selection of fresh sandwiches, pop, coffee, chips, & pretzels.  Stop in to stock up for a great day on the lake, or to just grab a quick lunch before you get back on the water.

Boat Rides

Call ahead to schedule your own Bass Boat ride or fishing tour.  Your captain knows where to fish, and he can take you around the lake on a tournament bass boat.

Your next visit

You can always stop in before you hit the water, or stop in to restock while on the lake.  We have a 23' dock you can use while you shop!  Just pull up and tie off while we get you all set up.

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