Tackle Selection

We are a full line supplier of fishing tackle that has been proven to produce on the Portage Lakes.  Stop in to take a look at our selection of excellent fair weather lures as well as a complete offering of Ice Fishing gear.  Ron is always willing to help you select that perfect lure.

-Tubes (rubber worms) worms

Tube worms are an excellent, affordable way to fist artificial baits.  They rig easy and often produce good results.  We have a full stock on hand to choose from.

-Spinnerbaits worms

These spinners give off a flash during your retrieve.  Then the fish strikes at the weighted head and catches on the hook.  Perfect for that large or small mouth bass.

-Crankbaits worms

Crankbaits are a local favorite which can really trick that monster bass into a strike.  These can dive deep and look like real baitfish.  Give one a try and you'll see. 

-Jigs worms

Our jigs are custom made to Ron's specifications.  These are consistant producers, and you can't go wrong when you try these jigs.

-Ice Fishing Gear worms

We are open year round, so we can supply you with all your ice fishing needs.  We can point you in the right direction to enjoy a great time on the ice.

can't miss

If you're hungry...

We now serve a wide selection of fresh sandwiches, pop, coffee, chips, & pretzels.  Stop in to stock up for a great day on the lake, or to just grab a quick lunch before you get back on the water.

Boat Rides

Call ahead to schedule your own Bass Boat ride or fishing tour.  Your captain knows where to fish, and he can take you around the lake on a tournament bass boat.

Your next visit

You can always stop in before you hit the water, or stop in to restock while on the lake.  We have a 23' dock you can use while you shop!  Just pull up and tie off while we get you all set up.

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